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the pedophile and grandma

the old man who takes care of grandma
is younger than grandma
but he is old
he has worked for grandma
for over twenty years now
he has taken good care of grandma
he has always been a nice person
he cooks and cleans
and takes care of grandma
he always wears flannel shirts
and trucker hats and sandals
and old dress pants or something
he has a mustache and his hair is curly
he has two silver teeth
and he shows them whenever he smiles
at grandma or whoever
he is a nice person but
i think he might be a pedophile
which makes him unpleasant
or something

this is the reason why i think he is
a pedophile

i think he is one because the other day
a girl appeared in grandma’s garden
and this girl asked me
where the old man was
and i told her he was in his house
(he lives in a house made of glass
next to grandma’s house
next to her garden) anyway
the girl said ‘oh’
and she didn’t thank me
when i answered her question
she just went inside his house
and stayed there a few minutes
and came out
and went back inside and stayed there

that girl looks young
that girl looks like one of those young girls
who looks a little older than her age
because she has woman’s body
but she’s definitely younger than me
and my sister and i think she might be
thirteen or fourteen and he’s seventy something
therefore he is
a pedophile